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The Chairs

Kelli & Tripp Corl

Mary & Thomas Stuit

The Honorary

Kate Pew Wolters

Don Lubbers

A Letter From The Chairs

Dear Friends,


For more than half a century, Our Hope has offered therapeutic long-term residential treatment, counseling and education to guide women to recovery from alcoholism, addiction and the mental health and emotional conditions so often related to these diseases. We’re know for our compassion and woman-centered approach that is offered in a homelike treatment setting. Our desire is that all women will have the opportunity to transform their lives and maintain lifelong recovery.


We believe in a holistic approach and we welcome women at all stages of readiness. Our skilled therapists guide women through an honest assessment of their feelings, so they can take on the personal responsibility of confronting and dealing with the personal wounds and challenges caused by alcoholism and/or addiction. These challenges can be emotional, physical, spiritual or social in nature, and as long as they go unaddressed, they can continue to stand in the way of recovery. We help women explore these wounds and overcome the pain they create, building a path to recovery stems from a place of healing, strength, and hope. When the women leave our care, we make sure they have the resources for a lifetime of recovery.

Today, more than ever, it is imperative that we reach more women in our region. That is why we are seeking a $3 million community investment through our "Rising Through Recovery" Capital Campaign.

Our Hope continually has a waiting list. To meet this ever-growing demand, our Board of Directors approved the purchase of a vacant building at 1256 Walker Avenue NW in Grand Rapids. This facility is ideal for our new headquarters and has enough room to house 40-45 women in recovery.


When complete, this fundraising effort will:


  • Allow us to enhance, increase, and offer a complete continuum of care.

  • Significantly raise our profile and visibility throughout the community.

  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our staff.


This past year, a group of dedicated community leaders have been working hard to raise charitable gifts to bring this plan to fruition.  As a result of this effort and in partnership with our friends and supporters, Our Hope will continue to help women rise through recovery.


We hope you’ll join us in supporting this worthwhile endeavor.



Tripp & Kelli Corl

Tom & Mary Stuit

Campaign Co-Chairs

The Cabinet

Margaret Chamberlain

Richard Gritter

Patricia Hawkins

Margaret Leiber

Jim Marklevitz

Julie Marklevitz

David Petersen, MD

Mikisha Plesco

Mark Thomson

Jane Timmer

Lisbeth Votruba

The Board

Lisbeth Votruba

Board President

Carole Vander Pols

Board Vice President

Thomas Stuit

Board Treasurer

Mark Thomson

Board Secretary

Margaret Chamberlain

Board At Large Member

Michelle Emery

Richard Gritter

Debra McNally

Pamela Weiss

Craig Welch IV

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