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Rising Through Recovery

A Capital Campaign for Our Hope Association

Rising Through Recovery is a capital campaign for Our Hope Association aiming to raise $3 million to expand substance use treatment services for women in West Michigan. Our Hope Association has been providing quality care and support for women suffering from addiction since 1976. Through this campaign, we hope to expand our facilities and services to help even more women on their journey to recovery. With your support, we can make a difference.

Campaign Expenses

Building Acquisition

Renovations & Improvements



Campaign Expenses









How you Can Help

Our Hope's Rising Through Recovery campaign is seeking $3 million in community philanthropy to help women battling alcoholism and addiction. You can help us achieve this important goal by supporting the campaign through:

  • A one-time cash gift

  • A multiple year pledge commitment (may be paid over a three-year period)

  • A gift of appreciated assets (i.e. stock)

  • An estate gift

Your charitable gift is tax deductible to the full extent of state and federal law. Please check with your tax advisor to determine how your gift may affect your personal tax situation. 


Holly Natte, Campaign Coordinator

(616) 451-2039 Ext 232

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