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The Foundation For Greater Hope

The Our Hope difference didn't happen by chance. There are strategic reasons why our residential treatment program is considered the "gold standard." Beyond a welcoming, homelike environment, Our Hope immerses women in the recovery process. Here, women come together to create healthy daily routines, make choices consistent with the recovery process, develop nurturing relations, safely practice new behaviors, and prepare to return to their lives and loved ones. 

Last year, we added our Shaffer Avenue house to increased our capacity from 20 to 43 clients to accommodate the growing need. However, with this addition came inefficiencies for our staff and for our clients. 

The Benefits

Your support of the Rising Through Recovery campaign will allow us to:

Expand our services and provide treatment to twice as many women all under one roof

Provide a complete continuum of care for better client interaction and bonding

Be one of only a few facilities that allow mothers with babies to stay together during their recovery

Consolidate staffing for enhanced productivity and time management, and reduce transportation inefficiencies between multiple homes

Improve the overall floor plan and accessibility 

  • The new Walker Avenue facility is handicapped accessible

  • It has more outdoor space for fathering and activities, including a garden for therapeutic benefits and life-skill training

  • There is a designated gym area

Achieve greater financial independence through facility ownership versus rental

Continuum of Care

By purchasing and renovating a new facility on Walker Avenue, our dream to broaden our scope of care to women across West Michigan will be realized. Originally built in 1941 for the Carmelite Order of Our Lady of Guadeloupe Monastery, it only seems fitting that the facility will now be used as a place of healing for women today. 

Expanded services will include:

Adding a withdrawal management unit with 10 beds for sub-acute detoxification services to become the only detox unit paired with long-term residential care of continuum in the 36 counties we serve 

Relocating beds from our two current facilities into one 90-day residential treatment program with 30-35 beds

Offering outpatient therapy services for clients upon graduation from residential treatment for a ongoing continuum of care

Transforming our historic home on Lyon Street into a transitional/sober living facility with 15+ beds and an intensive outpatient program to provide aftercare services to help clients transition out of our residential program and back into their everyday life

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