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Our Hope Alumni

"I destroyed friendships, family bonds, career opportunities, my mind, my self-esteem, and my reputation. The only thing i feared was not being good enough for the wrong people. I was so broken and afraid.

The hope and faith that was displayed among Our Hope's valuable team was such a blessing to experience. I learned how to appreciate other women again. Well, actually, like never before. We had to work in pairs and in groups often. Classes/groups taught us how to identify where and why our problems resurfaced. I learned how to have clean and sober fun again as well. 

Our Hope is designed for women who are ready to work on themselves because the help and work are there. But you have to want it and I wanted it! I learned structure, and how to meditate and communicate. I took advantage of all the fun outings, the one-on-ones after the classes with a team member and overall being my true self. 

Today, I plant seeds of greatness. I am now a better mother, daughter, sister, friend, employee and MIYA! I learned that we choose who we want to be. And today, I choose to be victorious!"

Daughter of Alumnus

"Being my Mother's oldest daughter I have seen first hand the obstacles she has faced in her life. While most would be defeated, she had played a major part in that. 

Our Hope gave my Mother hope to not only stay clean and sober but to also help encourage and show others the blessings that can come from recovery. Through her years with Our Hope I have watched her continuously grow while following her dreams of obtaining multiple degrees and helping women whose shoes she was once in."

Our Hope Alumni

I sobbed my way into Our Hope. It's funny to think that while packing for Our Hope, I was so worried about having proper hair products when i hasn't brushed my teeth in a month. I graduated from Our Hope 90 days later with mental and physical stability. I felt accepted and serene; plus, my hair looked great!

Our Hope taught me how to be human again. I started drinking alcoholically by 18-years-old and never learned how to 'adult' well. Our Hope staff supported me with activities like making my bed, doing laundry, making a meal and doing basic household chores. I attended groups that encouraged acceptance, using coping skills and having fun in recovery; even learning how to sew! My therapist taught me self-love and healing. 

I met my sponsor at an Our Hope recovery meeting. She led me through 12 powerful and like-altering steps. She taught me how to feel and how to quit feeling sorry for myself. I'm humbled and grateful to be employed by a local treatment center for over two years now. 

Thank you, Our Hope, for saving my life. Thank you for this gift you've given my family. Thank you for showing me the miracle that is recovery."

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